The anus, which like almost any other word in English, derives from a Latin word. (latin, anus = ring, ass. which comes fro the proto- Indo european word h, eh, no = ring) The anus is a critical organ in the human body. It gives massive contribution to the digestive system in the bodies of most heterorophic organisms. In humans the anus is the next step in the digestive system after the intestines that absorb nutrients from eaten food. The anus is the organ that excretes waste out of the body. It does this since the nutrients and other useful components have already been absorbed by the intestines.

In recent human evolution, various humans have been born with anuses in the location where their mouth should be. This is actuallya phenomenon that has been occuring for thousands of years but in recent decades has become more widespread than ever before. Politicians are the type of human most prone to this condition. Most develop it when they start their career in politics but others are born with it. Some polticians that suffer and have suffered from this condtion include: Hillary clinton, Donald trump, Adolf hitler and George Bush (who did 9/11 btw). While this is clearly common in the world of politics other humans likley to suffer from this condition are youtube pranksters and 90% of users on Tumblr.

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